TRICHROISM-special movie-STAFF

Director, Planner      Madoka Shiina
Director, Producer    Yasuka Fukuoka
Dancer                     Ayano Yokoyama (CRUSH THE TYMKS) 
                               Moe Takahashi (CRUSH THE TYMKS)
                               MIki Hattori
Music                       Haruna Karasuda
Camera Operator       Yu Sato, Arata Kurosawa, Mitsuru Hoshina
Photographer            Mitsuru Hoshina, Marie Nosaka
Editor                      Yasuka Fukuoka
Assistant Editor         Atsuko Tanabe
Costume Designer      Madoka Shiina
Hair Designer            Takahiro Noma
Make up Designer      Miki Nakagama
Production Manager  Taku Matsuoka
Assistant Director      Nao Yoshigai
Corporation : Studio La MOMO

about us...

We have involved as artists who have some variety of genres such as painter, musician and designer since December 2009.
The artists has been activities regardless of genre and held some exhibitions and events of art regularly.All artist have been working with each other.

"If you try to win you might lose, but if you don't try to win you will certainly lose."


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